Interested in supporting us?

Hardware wanted:

  • Laptop or Desktop: mint condition is desirable.
  • SSDs: For test machines and backup. Every disk is appreciated.
  • Devices: WiFi Pineapple, HackRF One, Proxmark3, LAN Turtle, LAN Tap Pro, Packet Squirrel, Chameleon Tiny Pro.
  • Boards: Raspberry Pi 3/4, BeagleBone, APU, NanoPi A64, Raspberry Pi Zero, Orange Pi.

You don't have hardware but you still want to help us?

  • Spread the word in your social media. #SecBSD
  • Be a SecBSD advocate. We need hackers sharing ideas all over the world.
  • Prepare an Write-Up using SecBSD and share your knowledge and hacking skills to the community.
  • Attend our hackathons. We want to solve big problems and hack everything.