Why need sponsors?

SecBSD is powered by the dedicated work of volunteers. Our project's development environment and upcoming hackathons are made possible through the generous contributions of sponsors-individuals and organizations who want to support us.

These contributions are crucial in ensuring that SecBSD remains a free and open operating system.

In addition to ongoing support, we have an exciting future event planned, first SecBSDCon in the Netherlands. However, to make this event a reality, we require sponsorship or donations to cover expenses such as transportation costs for our speakers (e.g., flights, accommodation, and venue rental). Your support will directly contribute to the success of this event and the continued growth of SecBSD.

The anticipated date for this event is October 2026, and we are currently raising funds through donations to ensure its success.

The following is a list of people and organizations who contributed direct to SecBSD.

  • LAYLO.
  • Jeroen Janssen.
  • OpenBSD Amsterdam.
  • Mischa Peters.
  • 0xdeadbea7.
  • 0xdarkpadr3.
  • Charles Shirer.
  • Brian Martin.
  • Philip Jocks.
  • William Knowles.
  • Trevot Pott.
  • Rudi Coetzee.
  • Marius Ciepluch.
  • Eddie Vega.
  • Twosevenzero.