Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current state of the project?

Base system is currently functional, some additional packages are not working, we need more testing and hackers fixing that bugs. You also might experience errors when running a -current branch. Detailed explanations for installation can be foun in Docs and ports work in progress can be found in roadmap.

How do I contribute to SecBSD?

We are currently looking for Unix wizards, C, Perl, Python, Go, Rust and Ruby programmers.

How do I get the source code?

Get code here.

I want to help, but I'm not a programmer. How can I support?

This is a list of hardware that could help our project.

How is the installation process?

Simple text mode installer, SecBSD installs in less than 5 minutes. Despite we not are desktop fans to ensure that new users of SecBSD use as a desktop daily driver, we added an easy desktop flavor installer for XFCE4, Mate, Gnome, i3, Lumina, LXQt and others. See screenshots.

Where i can download .img or .iso?

The most up-to-date file can be found at See mirrors.

Supported architectures?

SecBSD runs on AMD's Athlon-64 family of processors in 64-bit mode. It also runs on processors made by other manufacturers which have cloned the AMD64 extensions. More info.

How can I trust SecBSD?

How can I donate to SecBSD?

We don't take donations. SecBSD is a starting project, building forth and depending upon the awesome work of the OpenBSD project. This, we kindly ask you to donate to the OpenBSD Foundation instead. That is - indirectly - also a donation to SecBSD but goes a much longer way.

Who design the website and SecBSD stuff?

The coolest girl and creative person we known: Banshee.

How can I contact SecBSD?

Through email: or


See License

Last updated date of SecBSD website?

Fri Mar 10 01:42:45 UTC 2023.